Enhance Collaboration for Better Results

Get started with Group Visualizations.

When leaders understand the members of their teams, they can more effectively delegate projects, communicate goals and company needs, and build stronger collaboration — all producing more substantial results.

Zippia found that effective collaboration:

  • Increases customer satisfaction ratings by 41%
  • Improves product quality by 34%
  • Improves product development by 30%
  • Increases sales by 27%

In this beginners exercise, leaders and teams will gain a better understanding of team personality traits for more robust collaboration, using the Group Visualizations feature in the PrinciplesUs team insights platform.

The exercise covers:

  • How to read results across the team
  • How dynamics play out with different members
  • How to use this feature via team exercises
  • How to make the most of similarities and differences

Download the exercise to get started structuring projects and assignments around your team’s specific dynamic for better productivity and collaboration. 

Download the Exercise